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Saturday, November 26, 2011


So I've been feeling not so hot the last few months. I've been feeling extremely LAZY. In July, I felt fairly good, walked all over the damn city including some days with 10 miles and even lost 10 lbs. (Which I've re-found of course over time) It was pretty good...but then in August I just felt like crap. I assumed it was one of my "funks" of the summer. I tend to get in a funk during the summer time due to lack of doing things (like work) and then get a little depressed and lazy around the house, not knowing what what to do with myself. Then eventually I get myself busy and get passed it. I figured that instead of having this years funk in July, I just had it in August. Couldn't get my butt off the ground to do much exercise and just attributed it to pure laziness.

In September, got busy with work and it was a real whirlwind. So I figured that's why I was tired of course. In October, I did my Detroit half marathon and did it in a record time so I felt fairly good about that despite my current laziness and of course, was extremely SORE afterwards due to not prepping hard the last few months before the race but did it anyways. (NOTE TO SELF: book a massage every year after the marathon in the future!).

So in late October, I got my annual blood work done, not really thinking anything of it. Du-huh -- note to self #2 - when you are feeling this way, clue in and don't just think you are being lazy.

Got results back and finally had follow up with my doctor. Typically my iron is 100 or over in the result numbers. 100. My iron is 5. Quite the difference, n'est pas?

So oh boy - two months to try to eat and supplement to get iron levels back up to something decent enough or I'll go for iron infusions after next bloodwork in late January. Ugh! Blah! Sucky.

Talking with a lady I know who treats anemia patients - it sounds like I will be getting iron infusions regardless. She doesn't think I'll get it up significantly without IV. Ick.

Fun times.