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Saturday, December 24, 2011


Well, 2011 is almost at an end. What a year it has been. I've not accomplished much this year to be honest.

I started to run...but fell off the wagon with my iron levels falling off.

I got rid of some regain, gained some back, got rid of some, gained some, got rid of some. Some progress over all but still want to lose another 15 lbs.

Work is work, is work is work....nothing new to report there.

But the big news of 2011 definitely has to be my husband's surgery and how he is doing now. I'm sooooo looking forward to an amazing 2012 with him, being more active, doing more things in partnership and being happier and healthier over all.

Hubby's surgery went "extremely well" to quote his surgeon. Textbook pretty much. Within three hours after surgery he was argueing with me to call his employer. LOL =) Within 9 hours, he was on facebook. The next day he was more than raring to go and walk the halls. He hasn't stopped since.

He's been in pretty good spirits considering that this is probably the hardest time to have the surgery when food is every where. He's positive, happy and already seeing results on the scale and in the clothes. He lost a significant amount of weight before surgery, quite a bit on Optifast and already he's into clothes he hasn't warn in a long time just over a week after surgery!

Bring on 2012!


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hubby's Surgery

Hello friends!

Well it is a very exciting time for me in my life right now. Hope all is doing well today! I just have to share my news with everyone.

Here's a back story for people that don't know me (I don't post on here that much). I had my gastric bypass surgery (RNY) 5.5 years ago when health concerns started to arise. At that time, I had a very supportive hubby who was worried for me. He was also overweight but not nearly so much as me - but he had many comorbidities that would have warranted surgery.

Anyway, throughout my process, hubby was nothing less than supportive but he never really wanted to pursue surgery. I always kind of hoped it would be something we'd pursue together and lose weight together but it was never something he felt he needed to do and continued to try to lose weight on his own terms.

Two years later, I was doing great - more active and very busy doing lots of activities outside - walking, hiking, geocaching etc but hubby's mobility was becoming more limited due to his health. I could never convince him to have surgery despite him watching me go through the surgery.

Anyway, a year and a half plus ago, his endocrinologist (Who also happens to run the Windsor Clinic) told him that he NEEDED surgery. He finally started the process. Throughout the process, I've always found he's interested one minute and then not so sure about surgery. (I've always said that until I get him on that table, I'll never quite know if he'll go through with it!). But now he's resolved that this is the change he needs to restart his health. FINALLY!!!!

So now we are in the final stretch of hubby's surgery and he's had his PATS, is doing amazingly well with Optifast and is now committed to surgery! We have been walking together and are making plans to be active when he is post surgery. I get to be his coach. LOL :)

I'm so excited for his new life -- so excited to have a new walking partner in the new year. We've already discussed how we are going to start some 5Ks in the Spring - for him to walk and me to run hopefully! I'm SO EXCITED about having a new life together. It is truly the best Christmas present that I could get this year!

At the same time, a million thoughts are running through my head as he does have many comorbidities and Im worried about his surgery. I am not sleeping well although terribly tired from all this iron issue I'm going through, I can't seem to turn my worries off at all at night.

I could really use your positive thoughts and even a few prayers that everything goes amazingly smooth for him. It's weird being on the other side (not the patient but the supporter) and I'm honestly far more worried about his surgery than I was about my own...but at the same time, I have a TON of faith in Dr. Reed and the amazing staff at Guelph - who have been just phenomenal thus far!

Thanks so much!

Fifth Year Bloodwork and Status

One thing I always did initially after surgery when I've gone for my bloodwork is that I've always asked for a copy of my results. Initially this was because I always needed to bring my bloodwork to my follow up appointments(just as a backup in case they don't get sent the files through a fax). Well over time, of course, I slacked off on that. So this time after the iron issue, and talking with friends and not knowing which actual reading was a 5, I asked for a copy of my bloodwork.

Using always was a help to make sense of the numbers.

Here's some of my levels post op and the reference ranges (what's considered normal)

Vitamin B -- 149 (RR=133+) Never deficient in this despite not being good with supplementation.

Albumin -- 34 (RR-35-48) A little low - one to watch.

Cholesterol -- 5.48 (RR 3.8-5.2). A little high which is surprising to me but not a worry - my LDL makes up for it - as I've always been high in LDL. (and is the reason why I never had a real cholesterol problem despite my 290 lbs).

Fasting Glucose -- 4.4 (RR 3.6-6)

Sodium -- 136 (RR=135-146)

Everything in the Hematology part is normal :)

Vitamin D -- 56 (RR=75-250). UGH low. Starting to get lower so I am starting to supplement this one. Hopefully January's bloodwork will reveal higher levels :)

Ferritin -- 5 (RR= 11-307. Huge reference range so I have to compare what MY "normal levels" are. They are usually 100-120 so obviously a 5 is really low and fits the category of "iron deficient".

So next bloodwork will be at the end of January and then I will see my doctor to follow up on that and decide if we need a referral to a Hemotologist for the iron issue to be resolved.

In the meantime, I'm trying to eat more red meat. Trying! LOL :)

As for weight, 5.5 years out. It's a struggle every day and I'm trying to lose right now which is hard with how much exercise is tiring me out. My lowest was around 139-140. My highest was back up to 167 in a very stressful time in my life. Right now I'm standing around 152 and am hoping to get back to under 200 by the new year or shortly thereafter.