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Sunday, January 29, 2012

HELP! I'm failing beause I don't dump....

Going into surgery some people have some very unrealistic expectations. Sometimes I want to just shake my head at the misconceptions people have going into surgery or having had surgery. I don't know if it is because they depended on their surgical centre to tell them everything they needed or because they just didn't take the time to read. It baffles me that people don't go into surgery learning all they can learn about their new life.

To have the expectation that you are going to dump and then expect that to carry you through life post op is very unrealistic. While I *prayed* for dumping, I knew that many people don't dump. I dumped maybe a handful of times, hardly ever.

Here's a post I read in another group:

I have a question. I am out 14 months now since RNY Gastric Bypass Surgery. I am not doing well with weightloss. Since regaining about 41 pounds, I discovered that I do not ever experience "Dumping Syndrome" with any food at all - including SUGAR???? How can this be possible?? That is why I requested RNY with malapsorbtion, so I would not be able to eat surgar and other bad foods. Anyone out there with a logical explanation? I sure would appreciate it.

Let's dispell this myth: Do not count on dumping (getting sick from too much fat or sugar) to "save" you from food. Realistically, the surgery will only do so much for you and it will be the choices that you make that result in success or failure. Many people expect dumping but realistically, only around 60% of people dump. Out of those that do, many only dump early out. Eventually for most, the body adapts well to sugar and reactions diminish over time (unless you beome one of those who develop reactive hypoglycemia like myself).

The best advice: eat as though you will dump. Follow those guidelines for sugar/fat limits like they are the be all and end all. Keep triggers out of your life as long as you can. And most of all, do not depend on dumping. It's all about choices still and that's why we say surgery is a tool =)

And if you are having thoughts like the person above, you *need* therapy because obviously the psychological issue is winning and not you. To gain 41 lbs back at 14 months out is pretty scary. Remember folks, surgery only changes your body, not your brain.

I truly hope this lady gets the help she desperately needs.


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