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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring is on its way!

Here's a dress shot. LOL I'm getting totally in the mood for spring - but that means, getting off the next 12 lbs of regain to get back to goal. Here I am trying on a cute little dress at Marks Work Wearhouse (yes, they have nice clothes and aren't just work overalls and boots). I didn't end up buying the dress...but the dress does symbolize one goal that I am working on.

I am trying to embrace my inner girliness.

It's ironic that when I was 288 lbs I spent a lot of time in dresses. For some reason, when I was larger I felt like dresses were a great thing - they helped hide my rolls and made me feel pretty despite my size. But once I started to lose weight, I didn't buy a single dress. Funny as you'd think it would work in reverse but this goes back to one aspect of my weight loss. The more I lost, the more critical I became of my body. I think that may sound foreign to people as you'd expect that the weight loss would equal more confidence, not less. But that is how it worked for me especially over the long term.

The first year I was on a perpetual high of feeling great. When I started battling my head, fat and weight issues again, that's when the self confidence went down.

So now my plan of attack is to get the 12 more pounds of weight off. I am thinking that spring is a great time as I'll get more active and enjoy the weather. I have all Spring/Summer to s l o w l y make it happen. No fad diets, just slow loss over time is my goal. The other goal of course, is to wear more dresses and skirts and let myself feel girly.

It seemed like a great plan last week when I wore some dresses to school. I think I could have knocked some of my colleagues over with a feather by the way from the looks they gave me seeing me in a dress. LOL But I also got a ton of compliments too. I ended up course wearing the wrong shoes to walk to work and ended up with about 5 blisters and cuts on each foot. So much for my inner girliess! LOL


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  1. Looking good Dawn, hope you find some great dresses that inspire you.