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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Stomach Acid and Absorption

There is a bit of a myth that we don't have any stomach acid to break things down. This is not true. Let me remind you of our surgery.

You have two "stomachs". Your old stomach is called your "remnant stomach". Your remnant stomach is always functioning, creating stomach acids or juices and is spitting them out. Your new pouch produces very minimal stomach acid. That is why you must chew and chew your food, to help break up your food since your food will no longer meet up with the acids in the stomach for a long period of processing. Your food travels down and meets up the stomach acid where the two join up in the intestines.

So yes your food does mix in with stomach acids - but for a far briefer time than before and in a different place than before. So yes, it is possible that you still suffer from any reflux after surgery. For most, RNY helps decrease it and for many it is no longer an issue...but for some, yes reflux can be a problem still.

When it comes to absorption, we don't absorb until later in the intestines. We completely bypass the duodenum which is responsible for absorbing most minerals and vitamins a b d and k, iron and calcium. (Hence the tendency for us to be low in these). The old stomach also produced a substance called "intrinsic factor" that helped us absorbed b-12 and now we no longer have that as hence constant supplementation of b12. Thats' a basic in absorption for you.

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  1. Thanks Dawn for posting this! I have read all of your first year blog. I'm glad to find this one. I'm happy your hubby got a date in Guelph. With Dr. Reed. I have been doing so much research. Lost 15 pounds. And looking forward to meeting this nurse on the 18 of November. Would love to chat with you sometime. I really understood this better with this post. I'm praying that they will except me for the full bypass as I have done as much as I can on the vgs. Sounds like a chance to regain and the stool issues scared me. I'm reading everything you post as I find it so helpful. You have an amazing gift with teaching others thank you so much!
    Look forward to more of your blogs. I'd love to know how you guys like Guelph.

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