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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Fifth Year Bloodwork and Status

One thing I always did initially after surgery when I've gone for my bloodwork is that I've always asked for a copy of my results. Initially this was because I always needed to bring my bloodwork to my follow up appointments(just as a backup in case they don't get sent the files through a fax). Well over time, of course, I slacked off on that. So this time after the iron issue, and talking with friends and not knowing which actual reading was a 5, I asked for a copy of my bloodwork.

Using always was a help to make sense of the numbers.

Here's some of my levels post op and the reference ranges (what's considered normal)

Vitamin B -- 149 (RR=133+) Never deficient in this despite not being good with supplementation.

Albumin -- 34 (RR-35-48) A little low - one to watch.

Cholesterol -- 5.48 (RR 3.8-5.2). A little high which is surprising to me but not a worry - my LDL makes up for it - as I've always been high in LDL. (and is the reason why I never had a real cholesterol problem despite my 290 lbs).

Fasting Glucose -- 4.4 (RR 3.6-6)

Sodium -- 136 (RR=135-146)

Everything in the Hematology part is normal :)

Vitamin D -- 56 (RR=75-250). UGH low. Starting to get lower so I am starting to supplement this one. Hopefully January's bloodwork will reveal higher levels :)

Ferritin -- 5 (RR= 11-307. Huge reference range so I have to compare what MY "normal levels" are. They are usually 100-120 so obviously a 5 is really low and fits the category of "iron deficient".

So next bloodwork will be at the end of January and then I will see my doctor to follow up on that and decide if we need a referral to a Hemotologist for the iron issue to be resolved.

In the meantime, I'm trying to eat more red meat. Trying! LOL :)

As for weight, 5.5 years out. It's a struggle every day and I'm trying to lose right now which is hard with how much exercise is tiring me out. My lowest was around 139-140. My highest was back up to 167 in a very stressful time in my life. Right now I'm standing around 152 and am hoping to get back to under 200 by the new year or shortly thereafter.


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