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Sunday, November 2, 2014

8 Years Post Op RNY

Wow. I'm 8 years post op RNY already. Often I have people ask what life is like post op as a long timer and so this post will be a wrap up about my life, the good and bad, post op.  I can finally say that I'm getting the "hang" of this whole maintenance thing finally. It's taken a while for me to get the hang of it.  I didn't realize until I was around 2 years out that I was a binge eater and had an eating disorder. That's why now, I highly suggest that everyone preop examine the reasons they eat.  It made life quite difficult past the first few years but now I feel like I am getting the hang of it finally.  Let's just say that getting off the weight of surgery is EASY PEASY.  There you go, I've said it.  Yes it can be full of struggles - I remember being terrified of drinking and eating initially as if I was going to burst my pouch - but after you get past the first couple of months, it generally becomes much easier.  But long term, it is a challenge to keep off the weight. Your metabolism becomes far more sluggish and it takes way more work to lose even a simple pound long term. Again, that's why I say so often to use your first year well and get to goal with no regrets!

At 8 years out, life is pretty good.  Like everyone I have my great days and difficult days with food.  I battle my FATHEAD every day trying to make healthy choices and to CHOOSE to exercise.  It's a choice.  Everything is a choice now.  I either get off my butt or I watch the scale creep up.  If I get off track with my eating, I see the scale creep up, and back I go, down to a back or basics eating plan. I still suck at moderation most days and if food is there, I will eat it.  There's no magic to keeping it off. I know what works - lots of protein and exercise, very low carbs.  Hard to sustain.  

Medically no big issues other than the ones that I've known for years. Osteopenia of the spine that developed at year one (wrong form of calcium - we need citrate friends) but has stayed the same since.  Anemia - always battling ferritin but haven't had it bottom out yet with hemoglobin.  Always supplementing.  Low vitamin D (Hello? I'm Canadian) and of course, Reactive Hypoglycemia (which I've managed well the last few years).  That's it.  They sound scary but other than watching my sugar intake and taking a few extra supplements, they really impact my life very little.

Positives - Life is GOOD.  I fit in normal clothes.  I range between a M-L in shirts, 9/10 or 11/12 in pants.  I   coach basketball and still walk like crazy.  I did 5 half marathons and am calling a break until maybe Spring when I might consider taking up running again. Always undecided lol.  I could end up doing bellydancing instead...who knows? Lol.  I fit in backseats of cars, am not afraid of turnstiles or passing by groups of teenage boys, I do fit in one size fits all, I can shop in virtually any store, I can easily do all physical tasks and well, life is normal :) 

The biggest change for me this year has been my attempt at resolving my body image issue. Although I know at times that I'm normal sized, I'm also at times very critical of my body.  So well, it was time to pursue plastics.  My tummy really has bothered me forever.  It was time to fix this.  So I finally decided to go for my tummy tuck.  I was lucky enough to get OHIP to pay my panni portion and so out of pocket, it cost me $4080 to upgrade.  I had a fleur de lis tummy tuck which includes a vertical incision in addition to the horizontal hip to hip cut.  (This helps fix skin above the belly button as well).  Dr. Matic in London removed four pounds of skin from my abdomen.  I'm very pleased with results and hope that this well help me like my body a little more especially when it comes to summer time.  It will also alleviate rashes and prevent hernias hopefully from happening in the future.  

There's my life in a nutshell.  Any questions? Just message me diminishingdawn (no spaces)

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  1. I would love to know what the ups and downs of the tummy tuck were. I am sure that will be in my future at some point. Thank you for writing this. I am 4 months out from sleeve and struggle with the same stuff daily.