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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Diminishing Returns

I'm back and I'm bored so I decided, why not get a blog going again?

The law of diminishing returns has been described as one of the most famous laws in all of economics.[1] In fact, the law is central to production theory, one of the two major divisions of neoclassical microeconomic theory. The law states "that we will get less and less extra output when we add additional doses of an input while holding other inputs fixed. In other words, the marginal product of each unit of input will decline as the amount of that input increases holding all other inputs constant."[2]

How does this apply to me? Well basically, the more fixated I become on losing my regain, the more I have difficulty. So I found something else that has been successful for me -- basically NOT focusing on my weight. As of January 2011, my goal has been only one - to start running. I've always wanted to become a runner and have always envied them but after many failed attempts, I just assumed I was not meant to be a runner.

This time it is different. I starte on January 2011 and made a promise to myself to start the Couch to 5K program (just google for information). As of today, February 26th, I am up to running 28 minutes straight. Okay, mind you, I'm a *slow* runner and can practically walk the same speed that I run but running is by far a different impact and motion than walking.

As a result, I've lost some regain weight. I am very excited about this as you can tell. But the key for me has been NOT to focus on my weight as much as my goal of running. Naturally other things have fallen into place.

Add that to the fact that my hubby is still going through the process of surgery (and I need to be a role model for him) I'm feeling very passionate about getting this wait loss, very focused and motivated. I haven't felt like this since my first year or so out of surgery.

So I am diminishing yet again and hoping to get back to my original goals. Yay me!


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