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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Helping Others

I love to help others on the boards that I read. I love answering questions. The only thing that does bother me are the people that have done absolutely no research on their own about their surgery. I can see why often it starts flame wars and people get all snippety. My modus operandi is to show kindness to others when possible so I don't get involved in the "wars" but I do think that there is a certain responsiblity for everyone that is going into surgery.

First of all, doctors aren't there to educate you. Your surgical team is there to support you but you need to educate YOU first. That begins with simple reading on anything and everything WLS related. Even just going out and buying Weight Loss For Dummies is a step in the right direction. At least you can understand the basics of RNY - if that is the surgery that you are having. At least you'll know that you may have choices. You'll understand the basics and that is a beginning.

You need to educate yourself before you have surgery. That's key. As a support group facilitator, I'll never forget the time that I received a panicked call from a lady whose sister had the surgery and she was dumping because she'd she'd just eaten a full fat, full sugar yogurt. Now, she went to the same place that I went to for my surgery. She got the exact same training, the exact same binder full of information that I got. She chose not to read it.

Is it her fault? Yes. Absolutely. You need to eat, breathe and live this surgery. This is your new way of life. You must know basics inside and out. You must know complications that you are susceptible to. You must know what to eat once you get put under the knife. You must set yourself up for success as much as possible. There is a failure rate. This is HARD HARD work past a year or two.  It's going to be a challenge.  But at the same time, if someone is struggling I want to help them too. I don't want to see anyone drown...if only everyone who has surgery could be a complete success, you know?


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